WordPress is quickly becoming one of the most prominent tools for web developers to use when creating new sites of all types. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that they can actually use WordPress to create a community site in addition to a traditional business site or a blog.

Community sites allow users to interact with one another, instead of just providing informational articles or content. Although these sites are generally thought of as being some of the most difficult to develop, WordPress’s streamlined functionality makes it very easy. Most community sites need to incorporate many different types of functions, for example, private chats, forums, comment sections, etc. You’ll also need to enable a large number of users to create their own account, each with different levels of access.

PeepSo makes much of this very easy, because they already have integrated user account management, as well as easy posting and commenting mechanisms.

You can use PeepSo plugins to create a community website, you can create a social network, which allows users to interact more privately and make new connections with posts, discussions, photos, public and private groups, friend and messaging functionality, and activity feeds and more, just as you would see on a major social networking website.

PeepSo is particularly good for creating a registration system for new users, as well as allowing them to create completely customizable profiles with in-depth information. There’s also the option for an intuitive login page with password reset, as well as connection to other social sites to log in. Users will also see their own personalized feed when they log in to the site, just like they would on popular social sites like Facebook. There are also many other plugins that offer their own unique functionality when it comes to creating a social site. The one that you choose will depend on your own personal needs.

PeepSo is perfect for communities that need a bit of exclusivity on their site, but still want all of the features of a traditional social network. The layout is very similar to Facebook, so users can navigate it very intuitively.

The plugin is formatted for mobile phones and tablets as well to make things even easier. It is very easy to manage, with statistics and user information available on one integrated admin page. There is a great documentation area and a number of video tutorials that explain how the plugin works.

Support for the plugin is most of excellent.  For the PeepSo team there is no unanswered question, there is no unresolved problem. This approach means satisfied users, frequent updates and regular new features for everyone’s satisfaction.

Eric Tracz, Co-Founder and CEO of PeepSo.com  in one his blog will write “Don’t Just Dream. Take Action! Create Your Dream Community Now!

And with PeepSo everything is easy!